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GHM designs and manufactures lighting solutions and street furniture since 1840.


Installed in the heart of the Champagne-Ardenne region, GHM factories employ nearly 600 employees in the metallurgical transformation. His experience, research and production means (boiler works and foundries) GHM endow a unique potential, entirely dedicated to equipping cities.

Since its founding in 1840 by master blacksmith Antoine Durenne, GHM inscribed his creations in the collective memory.
The amenities of the Champs Elysees, the Canebière, the city of Lyon or the Stanislas Place in Nancy, light far-fetched people's lives.



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  • Innovate by listening : Rapidly changing, city called current responses in public lighting. In this respect, changing lines, consistent identity and environment respect guide GHM developments.
  • Innovate by technology : The research means of GHM dedicated to the mechanical construction ensure product integrity and compliance of rules. This metallurgical expertise is enriched by light control, expertise from its industrial partner ECLATEC has been carrying since 1927. This unique combination of skills is useful for a responsible approach, bringing in any circumstance required, neither more nor less, and aiming for "right lighting" ...
  • Innovation by design : The relevance of designers is expressed through solutions and lines of GHM. To live these emotions in city heart is a renewed pleasure every day for politicians, actors in the art, and of course the urban users.



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  • Research and development : A consulting firm and an engineering calculation cell, served by appropriate software design and simulation (3D finite element...), studying solutions incompliance with the rules of art. The mastery of light applied to the full lighting panel study GHM. The combination of these methods opens up broad prospects for development to external or internal designers who collaborate with the company.
  • Boilers : A complete boiler shop specializes in manufacturing series of steel poles :
    - cutting tables and stamping presses prepare flat plates.
    - two hydraulic press brakes (2000t capacity, 14 m long) form rings by folding.
    - several weld lines, one plasma station, provide the weld ferrules.
    - Finally, a robot performs the line drawing of the soles, the shells on their welding and cutting gates.
    Other workshops are specialized in finishing sets, job aluminum or fine metal work.


  • Casting of iron, aluminum and bronze : GHM has several projects including manual molding, two semi-mechanized yards and an automated high speed site. These means are a production capacity of about 20,000 tonnes per annum of iron. The company is the only one in Europe can be molded one-piece masts of 10 meters and more. GHM uses spheroidal cast iron (GS) in some cases when the use requires flexibility and strength similar to steel.
  • Machining : A large fleet of specialized machine tools performs the machining operations required by the steel manufacturing, iron, aluminum or mixed.
  • Assembly : Several workshops provide product assembly.
  • Finishing and painting : GHM has means adapted for finishing (plating and liquid or powder paint) ensuring the sustainability of its solutions.
  • Stocks : Once galvanized poles, sticks and steel fittings are then stored to better serve the needs of its clients. The company also stores a broad range of components and elements in cast iron.



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