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INFORMATION FOR SPECIFIERS Conical octagonal-section wooden pole
Glue-lamellated larch wood
Height : 4m, 5m et 6m
Wooden shaft assembled on base by press fitting and screwing
Square section galvanised steel tubular base: 140mm (4m), 150mm (5m), 160mm (6m)
Inspection door for electrical connection
MOUNTING INTERFACE Height 4 and 5m: Fastening by 4 anchor bolts JT 16/14 x 300mm with fixing centres 200 x 200mm
Height 6m: Fastening by 4 anchor bolts JT 20/18 x 400mm with fixing centres 300 x 300mm
MECHANICAL INTERFACE Fastening plate mounting
Lateral top mounting

Environmental advantages
Glue-lamellated wood uses species grown in managed European forests. Its rational management ensures forest resources are reconstituted.
Growing 1kg of wood in a developing forest absorbs 1.5 kg of CO2 and produces 1kg of oxygen.
The environmental impact relating to the use of glues is reduced by the use of decantation techniques and biological treatment.
Manufacturing technique
ECLATEC uses larch wood, a species grown in managed forests. This species is particularly suited to the production of glue-lamellated poles.
Shaft production involves several stages:
- Logs cut into square edged planks.
- Hygroscopic and thermal stabilisation.
- Machining of the joints, abutting and gluing to constitute the laminated strips.
- Assembly of the strips to constitute a beam with the dimensional and mechanical properties required.
- After the glue has set, the shaft is planed and turned before applying the varnish.
Finishing treatment
- Sealing varnish with an acrylate dispersion base and alkyd resins.
Three-coat application.
Decorative satin finish.
- Aqueous phase impregnation, solvent-free.
Three-coat application.
Non-film forming.

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