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FRAME Galvanised steel cylindroconical pole with batteries in an underground chamber (not supplied)
Galvanised steel staged base column with batteries integrated in the column base
GENERATORS Consists of polycrystalline solar panels (nominal unit output of 70 Wc) mounted on an adjustable support
Solaire : 1, 2 or 3 panels depending on the dimensioning study
Generally constitutes a top-up source alongside the solar generator. Horizontal wind generator
Output 400W at 12.5 m.s-1
Starting speed : 2 m.s-1
Output independent of wind direction
Safety system triggers at 22 m.s-1
BATTERIES Power stored in maintenance-free gel batteries (number of batteries according to dimensioning study)
LUMINAIRE This modular system allows the use of any luminaires that fit ø 60mm
BRACKETS 4 types of brackets available : Para, Cytise, Pico, Camaro
SOURCES LED power adjusted by project
OPTIONS Motion sensor
Astronomical clock
Manual control
Decorative trims
MAINTENANCE steel staged base column: easy battery change and quick disconnection thanks to an integrated rack system
Annual wind generator service: greasing, Visual inspection of the blades condition, cleaning the blades with soapy water (a build-up of particles on the blades can reduce efficiency)
Battery recycling: 95% recyclable by an approved specialised organisation (please enquire)

HELISOL, a cylindroconical pole, with or without battery housing, with a solar power and (horizontal axis) wind power unit
«Eclairage citoyen®»
The «Eclairage Citoyen®» concept developed by ECLATEC is further justified when it is applied to energy-saving systems:
- the right choice of reflectors and sources and a constant concern for «right lighting» (optimised photometric studies) limit energy consumption
- the use of noble materials (aluminium, glass…) allows for a high level of recycling
- eco-design is an integral part of ECLATEC’s approach to design and manufacturing.
The applications
These are not a substitute for the «traditional» lighting offer, but a complement, suited to specific applications such as:
- school bus pick-up points in diffuse zones
- car-pooling car parks
- waste recycling centres
- cemeteries
- motorway rest areas
- military applications
- residential areas (in certain configurations)
- generally, any areas that are away from the mains

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