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RECOMMENDED HEIGHTS Chorus 45 : from 4 m to 6 m
Chorus 55 : from 6 m to 8 m
INTERFACES LRL : Chorus side entry with plain swivel joint coupled with sleeve for bracket end with external Ø 60 mm
LR : Chorus side entry with swivel joint and Ø 3/4" thread for female boss welded onto pole or bracket
Top : Chorus Top or Bitop fitting for pole Ø 60/62 mm - luminaire tilted to 10°
LL : Chorus side entry coupled with sleeve for bracket end with external Ø 60 mm
Chorus on mounted wall bracket
CATELUX : Suspended Chorus on catenary mouting
ACCESSIBILITY Dismantling without tools (quarter turn screws), ORALED module removable
MODULE ORALED (Light source)
OPTICAL UNIT Chorus 45, mono lense: ECL, ERS, ERL, LRM
Chorus 55, mono lense: ERS, ERL, LRM
POWER UNIT From 100 to 700 mA
OPTIONS Chorus 45: POLEDRIVE, Dimming 5, DALI, FC, Motion, Motion 5, DE+COM
Chorus 55 : POLEDRIVE, Dimming 5, DALI, FC

Glossary :

ECL: large circular lighting distribution, ERS: standard road luminance (emphasis on interdistance), ERL: wide road luminance (emphasis on interdistance), LRM: mixed road Luminance (emphasis on uniformity), POLEDRIVE: preset at the bottom of the pole / night diming calculator with 2 configurable thresholds, set in the bottom of the pole, Dimming 5: night diming calculator with 5 configurable thresholds, Motion: moving sensor, Motion 5: Motion sensor and dimming calculator, DALI: compatible with the DALI protocol, FC: Compensated flux

chorus45 led photometrie erlchorus45 led photometrie lrmchorus55 led photometrie ers
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