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ECLATEC, masters of light

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«Optimum lighting», that is the objective that ECLATEC is constantly pursuing when it designs its lighting solutions; what makes the company radically different is its dual skills: first of all, a mastery of photometry and secondly a high level of technical expertise to deliver precisely engineered, reliable and accomplished solutions.

vue lafayette 2Since it was founded in Nancy in 1927, ECLATEC has specialised in designing luminaires and street lighting equipment. Its design teams create solutions that are effective and reliable, meet all the latest standards and provide long-lasting quality results. ECLATEC uses the most advanced technologies, LED sources.

Thanks to its steady growth, multiple product development projects and outstanding creations, ECLATEC is able to demonstrate the quality of its know-how on a daily basis.



  • Mechanical and photometric design offices
  • Laboratory with a photogoniometer
  • IP, IK, CEM test bench ...
  • Prototype workshop
  • LED module assembly unit
  • Cutting, pressing and welding lines
  • Three assembly lines

METALEC is a subsidiary of the GHM group located in Mirecourt (Vosges). Here it produces power supply sub-assemblies and metal parts for ECLATEC and GHM products (brackets, poles…).

Efficient, reliable luminaires

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The quality of the design and the care put into assembly and finishing are what have made the company’s reputation. ECLATEC contributes actively to technical progress in its profession and, by working with renowned designers, creates forms that blend in remarkably with all kinds of urban settings.

Recently, developments in LED source luminaires have come in rapid succession, and this technology now offers unequalled performances. ECLATEC’s approach is based particularly on concepts involving upgradeable and interchangeable modules.

Photometric know-how


Energy savings, compliance with standards and well lit environments require quality luminaires. More than that, a careful study of every specific lighting layout brings an important source of energy optimisation: for each location where they are to be installed, ECLATEC’s Lighting Consultancy Service recommends the best spacing, power levels and adjustments. Eclatec offers a wide range of luminaires using LEDs and discharge lamps covering all possible photometric requirements.






  • Since the company was created in Nancy in 1927, ECLATEC main purpose is focused on technical studies and lighting equipment manufacturing.


  • Creation of an export department and a foreign network, two agencies in Algiers and Casablanca.


  • Construction of a modern physics laboratory, photometric and mechanical including a unique dark room in France at the time research. ECLATEC enlarge its offer with steel brackets and poles and become the first luminaires assembler of the market.


  • Creation of an experimental 200 meters road, indispensable complement to the existing laboratory. At this time, ECLATEC designs and also offers mobile systems and high masts solutions.


  • New manufacturing unit in Maxéville. numbers of key projects with motorways, industrial estates all over the french territory.


  • ECLATEC was awarded with the Export GRAND PRIX engineering and services section


  • The company continues its expansion in France and abroad : 11 countries sell ECLATEC products.
    More than 50% of Nancy production is shipped in over 80 countries.


  • ECLATEC was awarded with the Export GRAND PRIX performance section.


  • ECLATEC and AUSTRALE product are rewarded by the JANUS industry.


  • ECLATEC becomes again a French company.


  • ECLATEC and LUSTRA product rewarded by the JANUS industry.


  • Inauguration of the new laboratory at Maxéville production site.
  • Start of collaboration with Jean Michel Wilmotte (town of Agde) through ROCHELONGUE products and LUNA.


  • Collaboration with Jean Michel Wilmotte and the city of Lyon. Development of luminaires ARCHITEK, REFLEX, DUPLEX .


  • ECLATEC and CLIP product, designed by Mr. Aurel rewarded by the JANUS industry. ECLATEC positionned itself as a forerunner in the market by developing light columns with designer J. NISSOU and the product ALEX.


  • Development of systems for LED luminaires and built-in lighting solutions.


  • GHM and ECLATEC work together. the GHM french group is now offering a full range of solutions for outdoor applications: luminaires, brackets, poles and street furnitures.


  • INPI rewards for Innovation.


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